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WPRBXmas Songs 2019

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A lot of wonderful (and wonderfully creative) people have submitted original songs & stories to WPRBXmas over the years. Scroll down to learn more about these folks, listen to their contributions, and connect with them on social media & around the web.

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"New Song for Xmas"
The Brixton Riot 02:41
A cassette tape.
I Just Want a New Song For Christmas

Combining American and English influences, New Jersey’s The Brixton Riot fuses elements of 70’s power-pop and punk, 80’s jangle-rock and 90’s indie rock into a sound that is both familiar and distinct. The Replacements, Big Star and The Jam represent only a small fraction of their influences.

This is, by Jon's count, their sixth contribution to the marathon! Wow!

"Dirty Beard"
50 Helens 00:31
A cassette tape.
Dirty Beard

50 Helens are dear members of Korean Jeans, Petrillo and OUT. All proceeds from their third holiday record (which includes songs beyond what was played during the marathon) will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

"Dead on Christmas"
Deth Elf 02:01
A cassette tape.
Dead on Christmas

Why yes, Deth Elf are the pride of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Tree stump icon.

"In A Teeth"
B. Musikoff 03:51
A cassette tape.
All I Want For Christmas Is In A Teeth

Lyrics for this year’s B. Musikoff tune were randomly generated on Josh Millard’s Endless Jingling site as per Jon Solomon’s request/challenge.

From the mind of Brian Musikoff, host of "MusicOn with Musikoff."

"It's Cliched..."
Half Man Half Cookie 04:20
A cassette tape.
It's Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas

"Even if you don’t know the obscure British alternative band Half Man Half Biscuit, who originally wrote this song, [Half Man Half Cookie] hope you will enjoy our take on their lyrical protest against cynicism and self-sabotaging despair."

  • Vocals: Cookie.
  • Guitar, Banjo, Vocals: Michael.
  • Tavern Shanty Vocals: Jon
Based on original arrangements by:
"QM's Wintertime"
A B & M. Adams 02:51
A cassette tape.
Quartermaster's Wintertime

Bill Fox wrote "Quartermaster’s Wintertime." The original version is on his 1998 album Transit Byzantium.

All proceeds from the sale of this digital download will be donated to Wikipedia.

  • Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals: Owen Ashworth.
  • Guitar & Vocals: Mike Adams.
"Why Can't Xmas Be..."
The 'Mericans 02:51
A cassette tape.
Why Can't Christmas Be Another Month Away?

The ‘Mericans are a Rhode Island band founded in 2001 by singer / guitarist Chris Daltry (Purple Ivy Shadows). Check out "A Merry ‘Merican Christmas," their full collection of holiday material on their Bandcamp!

Sneeps 02:37
Wishlist For The Melancholy

Sneeps = a sweetheart duo giving it a try from Chicago, Illinois (and sometimes western Michigan).


Winter brings no mending to the fragile.
No glitter to the dearly departed
No joy to the broken heart.

Winter gives no breath to the hardworking.
No salvation to tired fingers.
No calm to the nervous soul.

Winter, you bully, here's my list.
Give the lost a well-lit pathway,
A present behind for the lonely to find.
And the tender a gentle day.

Winter brings no promise to the hopeless.
No easy break for the pessimist.
No sleep to the addled mind.

Winter gives no cushion to the freezing.
No welcome to the introvert.
No cup to the empty hand.

Winter, you creeper, here's my list.
Give the lost a well-lit pathway,
A present behind for the desperate to find.
And the tender a gentle day.

Tree stump icon.

"Climate Change Xmas"
A cassette tape.
Climate Change Christmas Party

A new(ish) Brooklyn foursome, CALISTHENICS brings you "C.C.C.P." One member was in Memorial Gore; another member received a mohawk from Jon Solomon when they were in college.

Tree stump icon.

"Happy Holidays"
Nick Millevoi 04:33
Happy Holidays

South Jersey’s Nick Millevoi is a guitarist and composer whose music searches for the sonic cracks between jazz, rock and roll, noise, and modern composition. His latest project is "Streets of Philadelphia."

"Won't Disappoint You"
Kris & Mike Kennedy 03:33
A cassette tape.
I Won't Disappoint You

Kris and Mike Kennedy are the rhythm section for Lefty’s Deceiver. Additionally, Kris is a filmmaker and Mike is a member of Static Shapes. They reside in Philadelphia.

Edith Frost 03:22
A cassette tape.

Edith Frost has recorded a piece for each of the past eight marathons! "S.A.D." is the latest and greatest. She can be found on her website and/or Twitter.

"Christmas Schimizzi"
The Rutabega 03:16
A cassette tape.
Christmas Schimizzi

South Bend, Indiana‘s The Rutabega – singer-songwriter-guitarist Josh Hensley and drummer Garth Mason – make some of the fullest, brightest sounds ever generated by just two people, weaving punchy, short pop songs and sweeping, ten-minute epics together seamlessly. This is either their fourth, fifth or sixth contribution to the marathon depending on who is counting.

"Merry Merry"
SAVAK 04:50
A cassette tape.
Merry Merry (First Time Caller)

Sayeth SAVAK:

"This is the 5th year in a row that we’ve hunkered down in our super fun, Superfund practice space in Gowanus, Brooklyn for an evening of mulled wine and cheap rhymes in honor of the finest DJ to emerge from Mercer County: Mister Jon Solomon!! Click the first paragraph to collapse.more...

Sure, this music sounds nothing like what our band normally does, but really, our band would not normally play a holiday song, so why not jump off the deep end in a hand-quilted Santa outfit?

Inspired by Del the Funky Pete Shelley and a need to work in low-level references to all things random ’80s hardcore, let’s take away any focus onhow cut-rate and off-time the "rapping" is and admire Michael "Jaws" Jaworski’s sweet falsetto, West Coast keyboard runs, and both funky and shredding guitar work. All that had to be done was to dare him to 1. Sing like Curtis Mayfield, 2. Slither some G-funk ivory tinkling, 3. Grease up some Catfish" Collins gitter, 4. Skrizzle-dizzle a Burbank session player "Peg" solo. Dang if he didn’t nail them all. Surgically. An embarrassment of stitches.

Speaking of which, this made us laugh a lot. Hopefully you will, too. The holidays are weird. It’s good to keep things light, if you can. Call a friend, text a stranger, hug a neighbor, leave a big tip for the person who makes your egg & cheese, give the benefit of the doubt to the person most likely to annoy you, wink at your pet, tickle yourself with the absurdity of the human condition, treat yourself to a nap.

Or, at the very least, distract yourself for 5 minutes with a bit of our goofiness…"


Merry, merry
Peter, Pauler
Long time listener
First time caller

Merry, merry
Queen of Scott’s
To DeSimon’s, McCloud’s
Joyeux Noël and bon mots

Welcome to holiday crime time tv
Where there’s a city solution
For every country teaser
And every geezer’s a butler
Every Richard’s a dick

A prick, a coffin, b-r-e-a-k
Beat steak medium rare essence
If you find it you grind it, man
We mean it, demean it
If you know your anger
Like Kenneth, Gwyneth
Paltry scorpios rising like lucifer
Sam I am
Son of a Mustang Sanford
Boredom is a reason
For teenagers to commit treason
Toxic reasons, season
Of the risk

Kamchatka Chaka Khan
Funk Shun Fiction The Faction
Steve Caballero

Yayo got the chi Cheech
And Chong
Gravity Bong Load
To the Rhodes of Randy
Randall with the plastic sandals
Hope springs eternal
Unlock the demons
Damon Che Guevara
Guadalajara can’t dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance, to the radio
La Cage aux faux hawk
Ethan mini thin
Think tank
Cheap prank
Every trickster in Chicago
Knows ka-Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
45 Grave-y
Like Mr. Clean Steve Garvey
Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Poly-Unsaturated Blood

You ever seen C.H.U.D.?
More out than HUD
Talking Carson Ben not Johnny
Dipping in the Ben E.’s
King, QUEEN, Prince
Tone police violation
Tastemaker desecration
Boulevard of dream a little dream
-cicle, cycle, psycho
Suicidal saw your mommy
Kissing Santa Claus von Bülow

A new low, end theory
For the end times
Where’s Morris Day?
Morris the cat?
Boris the spider?
Soldier, Folgers, coffee achievers
Tomb of the unknown believers
Not true blue F.U.’s
With the Peer Police, Brutality
A conquest for a breath
Of fresh air
I need some

Records, Duane Rossignol
With the NYHC vinyl collection
Solution, pollution, Rosicrucian
Christian death dealing meth
Amphetamines to reptiles
In houses, huts
Jabba like Jeru
My driver is damaged
But he flies his flag
Out of convenience
Store front agnostic, acrostic
Poetry is the pits
Circles all the jerks into fits
Of depression, rejection
Anxiety, high as a kite, right?

Spring is around the corner
Don’t be a loner
Tis the season of the phone calls
To family and friends
To wish a giant jolly
Green rancher, on prancer and dancer
Even the necromancers and the freelancers

A lotta links to a lotta love
Lattes chai and dry
Above the mantles, like Mickey
Don’t let the creatures stir
Or the Siouxsie’s brrrr

With warmth and good will
SAVAK says, "Give yourself a moment to chill."
Smell ya next year, punx…
Chest bumps to Solomon Jon
Who knows his yins from his jawns
And always love his moms