# Artist Song Album Notes Playlist
1 Noah Vail Jon Solomon's Christmas Eve Marathon mp3        
2 The Sonics Santa Claus Merry Christmas C    
3 The A-Sides & Sun Airway Santa, Please   Peace On Earth C      
4 Shurfine Singers Silent Night & Eleven O'Clock News mp3      
5 Blitz-N Hip Hop Santa Claus   CDR        
6 Marianne Nowottny Robot Baby Xmas Single      
7 Count Scary We Wish You A Scary Christmas mp3      
8 The Ramonas Santa's Got A GTO Santa's Got A GTO      
9 The Dwarves Drinking Up Christmas Greedy Boot 1 C    
10 DJ Flack O Chanukah Dubstep Baseline Remix Santastic 4 C    
11 Jan Terri Rock & Roll Santa mp3      
12 Red Coffee (Quacky The Singing Duck) Ducky Christmas Holiday Freak In        
13 Danielson & LillyIdaElin Holly Jolly Christmas Cookie A Familyre Christmas Vol. 2 C      
14 Galaxie 500 Listen, The Snow Is Falling This Is Our Music   R  
15 The Fleshtones Hooray For Santa Claus Stocking Stuffer   R  
16 Unkel Tom Angelripper Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht Ich Glaub Nacht An Den Weinhac   R  
17 The Sensational Little Shana Lynette Mister Russian, Please Don't Shoot Down Santa's Sleigh mp3 FAROFF C   A Message To You, Santa Claus!
18 The Hentchmen Merry Christmas Baby Merry Christmas From Eddie G. 16 C    
19 James Brown Go Power At Christmas Time Funky Christmas   R  
20 Johnny Bower Honky The Christmas Goose 7"      
21 Bad Gods Nine Inch Noels   mp3        
22 The Dickies Silent Night Punk Rock Christmas C R  
23 Gang Little Drummer Boy   CDR        
24 Binky Griptite & The Dee-Kays Stoned Soul Christmas Binky Griptite Christmas Single      
25 dj BC You Shook Me All Noel Santastic III In 3-D C R Sarah McLachlan sings "Noel" w/ AC/DC's "You Shook Me" & tiny bits of "Baby Where Did Our Love Go" by the Supremes.  
26 Blue Minkies Christmas Means Nothing Without Presents Homocrime Exhibits A C E F        
27 Julian Koster We Wish You A Merry Christmas The Singing Saw At Christmastime     N
28 Killdozer Oh Little Town Of Dethlehem Hardcore Holliday C R  
29 Reuben Christmas Is Awesome mp3      
30 Rosie Thomas Why Can't It Be Christmas All Year? A Very Rosie Christmas      
31 The Mice Santa Claus   CDR        
32 Kool Aid Do They Know It's Christmas?   mp3   R    
33 Alan Vega No More Christmas Blues Ze Christmas Record C R  
34 AKIM & The Teddy Van Production Company Santa Claus Is A Black Man A John Waters Christmas C R  
35 Centro-Matic Fuselage (It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas) Electric Ornaments   R  
36 Slade Merry Christmas Everybody mp3      
37 Private Charles Bowen & The Gentlemen From Tigerland Christmas In Vietnam        
38 The Lazy Cowgirls Sock It To Me Santa mp3      
39 Commander Shea School Boys' Choir Chree-See-Mus 26 Days Of Christmas      
40 Wonderful World Of Joey What Sweet Child O'Mine Is This? What Sweet Child O'Mine Is This?      
41 Culturecide Santa Claus Was My Lover 45"      
42 The Korps The Blizzard Of '78 Xmas Snertz C    
43 Czar Caviar Now I Am Your Santa Claus   mp3        
44 The Classic Brown Comin' On Christmas AR8 C      
45 Subscape Annex Sleighride Winterizing C R    
46 Johnny & The High Keys The Christmas Game Absolutely Allentown C    
47 Fishbone Slick Nick, You Devil You 12"   R  
48 Jet Weston & The Atomic Ranch Hands Jingle Bells   CDR        
49 The Go Gos I'm Gonna Spend Christmas With A Dalek 45"      
50 The Chrisfits Astro Tidings mp3        
51 TW Walsh Silent Night   mp3   R    
52 C-Clamp 2000 Miles The My Pal God Holiday Record C R  
53 Oxford Collapse Hester Christmas   Peace On Earth C      
54 P.S. Tail Esquire Jingle Rock Bell mp3      
55 Murder Club God DS Ye Merry, Gentlemen   CDR        
56 The Styrenes Good King Wencelslas And Every Year, Christmas     Link directs to Paul Marotta of the Styrenes' YouTube channel. He only has 3 subscribers.
57 Beck Little Drum Machine Boy Just Say Noel C R  
58 Nate Ruth Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)   CDR   R    
59 Sonic Youth Santa Doesn't Cop Out On Dope Just Say Noel C R  
60 Barry Gordon I Like Christmas I Like It I Like It 45"   R  
61 Rondo Brothers feat. Motion Man Christmas In Hollis   Claus Remixed C R    
62 Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virgina Reelers Christmas Will Soon Be Over Where Will You Be Christmas Day? C    
63 Stiff Little Fingers White Christmas Punk Rock Christmas C R  
64 The Vandals Oi To The World Oi To The World   R  
65 Old Pal Irwin Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Stay Free Christmas C R  
66 Afrika Bambaataa Deck The Halls   Christmas Rappin' C      
67 Max Headroom Merry Christmas Santa Claus (You're A Lovely Guy) 45"   R  
68 Bob & Doug McKenzie The 12 Days Of Christmas Great White North      
69 Bey Ireland All I Want For Christmas Is A Go-Go Girl mp3      
70 Basement 5 Last White Christmas Basement 5 In Dub   R  
71 Billy Squier Christmas Is The Time To Say "I Love You" The Big 80s C R  
72 Neko Case Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis mp3   R  
73 Superman Light Up The Tree Mister President 12"   R  
74 H-Town Knockin' Boots For Christmas Christmas At Luke's House C R  
75 Hot Buttered Elves Secret Robotic Gorilla Christmas A Very Lofi Christmas   R  
76 The Bigger Lovers For Christ's Sake This Affair Never Happened   R  
77 AC/DC Mistress For Christmas mp3   R  
78 King Diamond No Presents 12"   R  
79 Joseph Spence Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town Think Global World Christmas C R  
80 Smash-Up Derby Christmas Bop Santastic 4 C    
81 The Wailers She's Comin' Home Merry Christmas C R  
82 Nervous Norvous I'm Waiting Up For Santa Stone Age Woo      
83 The Crafty Ladies We Wish You A Merry Christmas 45"   R  
84 Evil Weiner All Around The World mp3      
85 Sloppy Seconds Hooray For Santa Claus Lonely Christmas   R  
86 Dan Ocko Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Pt. 1   45"        
87 Barry Gordon Zoomah The Santa Claus From Mars mp3   R  
88 Dan Ocko Santa Claus Conquers The Martians Pt. 2   45"        
89 Al Hirt Hooray For Santa Claus mp3      
90 Wild Billy Childish Christmas Lights Christmas 1979      
91 The Pogues Fairytale Of New York New Wave Christmas C R  
92 Chasia Segal Latke Cooking Demonstration   A Taste Of Chanukah C R    
93 Run DMC Christmas In Hollis Christmas Rap C R  
94 The Hives & Cyndi Lauper A Christmas Duel mp3      
95 Blake Xolton Merry Christmas   Experiments In Destiny C R    
96 Alan Milman Sect Punk Rock Christmas mp3   R  
97 The Ramones Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) Punk Rock Christmas C R  
98 Zelda Pinwheel Little Drummer Boy   Oh Come All Ye earSnake C      
99 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Jingle Bells Christmas Album      
100 Kay Ballard & Arthur Siegel Snowflakes & Stars Good Grief, Charlie Brown   R  
101 Rudy Ray Moore Merry Christmas Baby This Ain't No White Christmas     RIP
102 1981-82 Tottenham Squad Tottenham Win Away mp3      
103 The's Rock & Roll Santa 45"      
104 Von Hayes The Wide World Of Christmas Evident Eyelid      
105 The Cast Of Dragnet The Christmas Story part 1   mp3        
106 Bit Shifter Let It Snow The 8 Bits Of Christmas C    
107 The Cast Of Dragnet The Christmas Story part 2   mp3        
108 Quasi Merry Christmas   When The Going Gets Dark   R    
109 The Galaxies Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Merry Christmas C    
110 Hoggle's Jewelry It's Christmas All Over (Again)   Arbor Records Christmas Volume One C      
111 Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns Rock & Roll Santa The Hound      
112 The Mistreaters Santa Stole My Baby Surprise Package C    
113 Martin Atkins & The Chicago Industrial League An Christmas Carol       R    
114 Nate Wize Santa Claus Conquers The Beastie Boys   Xmas Contest: The Christmas B Boy Breakdown        
115 Elastica I Wanna Be King Of Orient Aah The Radio One Sessions      
116 The Original Sins Happy Birthday Jesus Bethehem      
117 The Go Nuts Snackin' Santa Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Vol. 2 C    
118 Low Just Like Christmas Christmas   R  
119 The Kids Of Widney High Santa's In A Wheelchair Kevin & Bean's Last Christmas 1999 C R  
120 Joan Crawford The Littlest Stork part 1   mp3        
121 nullsleep Silent Night The 8bits Of Christmas      
122 Joan Crawford The Littlest Stork part 2   mp3        
123 Gorgons Silver Bells Winterizing C    
124 The Ravers (It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas Punk Rock Christmas C R  
125 Mike Fornatale It's Reindeer Time   mp3        
126 Jesse Mae Hemphill Merry Christmas Pretty Baby mp3      
127 Reigning Sound If Christmas Can't Bring You Home 45"      
128 Michael Lynch Christmas Song 2006   Michael's 2006 Warped Christmas        
129 Marvin Gaye I Want To Come Home For Christmas A Soulful Christmas Volume 2 C    
130 Bobby Breaux Jingle Bells   Jingle Bellies        
131 Mach Bell & His Elves C'mon Santa! Xmas Snertz C    
132 Rock & Roll Machine Christmas Cracker   Self-titled        
133 Scooby Doo Trouble At Santa's Workshop Exciting Christmas Stories With Scooby Doo & Friends      
134 Barbary Coasters I Want A Monkey For Christmas HARK      
135 The Guide Dog Glee Club Carol Of The Bells We Woof You A Merry Christmas      
136 Pee Pee Dynamite Groovy Christmas & New Year Groovy Christmas & New Year      
137 PDP-1 Christmas Carol Medley   mp3        
138 Severe Lonely This Christmas   The Punk Rock Advent Calendar        
139 Thee Headcoatees Santa Claus The Sisters Of Suave      
140 Sheb Wooley Santa & The Purple People Eater mp3      
141 Harvey V. Higley Christmas Greeting To Vets   Christmas 1953 Veterans Administration Hospital Program        
142 Redd Foxx The Christmas Song   Sanford & Son 1975        
143 Mr. Fabb & The RIAA Santa's Acid Hawaiian Space Disco   Santastic: Holiday Boots For Your Stocking        
144 The Nic Nacs (with Mickey Champion) Gonna Have A Merry Christmas Rhythm & Blues Christmas C    
145 The Beakers Christmas Letter From Home Four Steps Toward A Cultural Revolution      
146 The Snaildartha 6 The Story Of Jerry, The Christmas Snail Self-titled   R  
147 The Wailers Christmas Spirit?? Merry Christmas C    
148 The Flaming Lips Jesus Shooting Heroin Hear It Is   R  
149 Lon Chaney Jr Monster Holiday mp3      
150 Reece Shipley Can Santa Miss Those Missiles mp3      
151 Baron Zen My Lovely Christmas   Self-titled        
152 Hally Xmas Songs Plastic Sputnik Arcade Punk Mix The 8bits Of Christmas C    
153 Half Man Half Biscuit Its Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas mp3      
154 Pointed Sticks Power Pop Santa mp3      
155 Pop-Pop, Julia, Jenny Amy & Michael Christmas Songs   mp3        
156 Ogden Nash The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas With Ogden Nash      
157 Osaka Pop Star The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Jingle This 2006      
158 Tom Tom Club Il Est Ne Flexidisc      
159 Pearl Bailey Five Pound Box Of Money Hipster's Holiday C R  
160 Orange Juice Holiday Hymn The Heather's On Fire      
161 The Lickety-Splits You Set My Christmas Tree On Fire!   SSMXMAS2006 C      
162 Lord Buckley Scrooge CDR C R  
163 Gloria Parker Deck The Halls A Toast To Christmas In The 80‚Äôs With Singing Glasses      
164 American Analog Set Winter Birds   Peace On Earth C      
165 The Goodies Make A Daft Noise For Christmas 7"      
166 Belle & Sebastian Are You Coming Over For Christmas? Are You Coming Over      
167 The Damned There Ain't No Sanity Claus Punk Rock Christmas C    
168 The Sonics The Village Idiot Merry Christmas C    
169 The Six Million Dollar Man Elves Revolt Four Exciting Adventures      
170 DJ Riko The 12 Days Of Mixmas   Merry Mixmas 2006        
171 Cheekyboy Chemical Drummer Boy   Santastic 4 C      
172 Craig Wedren, Meggan Lennon & Friends Jew They Know Its Christmas   mp3        
173 Dr Coca Cola McDonalds All I Want For Christmas Is Jazz-Metal Fusion And World Peace   Kung Fu Santa        
174 The Darkness Christmas Time (Don't Let The Bells End) 45"      
175 The Shitbirds Christmas Is A Comin' mp3      
176 Misc "S" Merry Christmas For Godzilla mp3      
177 Cheech & Chong Santa Claus & His Old Lady 45"   R  
178 Crucial Youth Xmas Time For The Skins / Santa Claus Is Coming (And You're On His List) Crucial Yule   R  
179 DJ John The Christmas Massacre Of Charlie Brown Santastic: Holiday Boots For Your Stocking      
180 Frank Cosmo Merry Christmas Trojan Christmas Box C    
181 The Grape Escape What Would Christmas Be (Without Jon Solomon)   mp3        
182 Countryside Unitarian Fellowship Hey Jesus Christ Welcome To This World   OST        
183 Venom Black Christmas mp3      
184 Will Oldham & The Anomoanon Jingle Bells   Email Christmas Card   R    
185 Count Floyd Reggae Christmas Eve In Transylvania 12"      
186 Wax Audio Happy Xmas (War Is Over)   mp3        
187 Mojochronic Yuletide Zeppelin Santastic III in 3D C    
188 Morecambe & Wise The 12 Days Of Christmas mp3      
189 Great Whyte Lyin' Snake I Killed Santa Today   mp3        
190 Pledge Drive Christmas Rhapsody mp3   R  
191 Sunspring Christmas Morning Poppy   R  
192 Maurice Copeland How We Got Our Christmas Customs   Singer Education & Training Products-Sound Filmstrip Presentation        
193 Doctor Who Christmas   mp3        
194 Dogbowl The 1972 Christmas Bombing Of North Vietnam   CD5        
195 Surefire Broadcast Let It Snow mp3      
196 The Galaxies Please Come Home For Christmas Merry Christmas C    
197 El Vez Now I Want To Be Santa Claus   mp3        
198 Tom Scharpling & Philly Boy Roy Twas The Night Before Christmas, Philly Style mp   R  
199 Jonathan Kane The Little Drummer Boy The Little Drummer Boy      
200 The Three Sons Jingle Bells mp3   R  
201 A Charlie Brown Christmas     45"        
202 The Humpers Run Run Rudolph Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Vol. 1 C    
203 Selloutica Enter Snowman mp3   R  
204 Oxes 100 Handshakes With President Christmas The My Pal God Holiday Record 2 C R  
205 Peanut Butter Wolf Christmas Podcast   mp3        
206 Helen Love Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight) mp3      
207 Screamer Claus 12 Days Of Ax-mess mp3   R  
208 The Sonics Don't Believe In Christmas Merry Christmas C    
209 Little Cindy Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child's Prayer) A John Waters Christmas C R  
210 James Chance Christmas With Satan 12"      
211 Game Theory Child's Xmas Saving The Whales   True Gamesters        
212 Okkervil River Listening To Otis Redding During Christmas Golden Opertunities      
213 Atom & His Package What WE Do On Christmas The My Pal God Holiday Record C R  
214 Jennifer O'Connor Deck The Halls   Peace On Earth C      
215 Fay McKay The 12 Daze Of Christmas mp3   R  
216 Chewbacca Silent Night mp3   R  
217 Cigarbox Planetarium 2007 Holiday Glee Discus   2007 Holiday Glee Discus        
218 Wedding Present Step Into Christmas Hit Parade 2      
219 Dead Moon Christmas Rush It's Finally Christmas C    
220 Wayne Butane A Very Special Christmas   mp3        
221 Cold Chillin' Juice Crew Cold Chillin Christmas Winter Warnerland C    
222 Mafialligator Marshmallow World   A Very 8-Bit Christmas 3 C      
223 The Cast Of Twin Peaks The 12 Days Of Christmas mp3   R  
224 Del Rey Nutcracker Overture/Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy The My Pal God Holiday Record 2 C R  
225 The Creamers Bob Kringle Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Vol. 2      
226 Ray Brenner & Barry E. Blitzer The Problem Have A Jewish Christmas?      
227 REMC A Wise Elf Saves Christmas   REMC Christmas Record        
228 The Wailers Maybe This Year Merry Christmas C    
229 Eyeball Hurt & The Medicine Santa Lion   Christmas Music For Family Or Children        
230 Milton Delugg & The Little Eskimos Hooray For Santa Claus mp3      
231 Emperor Penguin Erotic Xmas (Home For The Holograms) The My Pal God Holiday Record 2 C    
232 Lead Belly Christmas Is A-Coming Where Will You Be Christmas Day? C    
233 Eyeball Skeleton Santa's On The Run / Silent Night   CDR        
234 Sufjan Stevens Come On! Let's Boogie To The Elf Dance! Christmas      
235 samflanagan Frosty DMC Santastic: Holiday Boots For Your Stocking C    
236 Screaming Jay Hawkins Its That Time Again 12"      
237 The Fall No Xmas For John Quays The Complete Peel Sessions      
238 The Fall Jingle Bell Rock The Complete Peel Sessions      
239 The Fall Hark! The Herald Angels Sing The Complete Peel Sessions      
240 The Fall (We Wish You) A Protien Christmas mp3      
241 The Fall Xmas With Simon Shift-Work      
242 The Didjits Under The Christmas Fish Hey Judester      
243 Hybrid Kids We Three Kings / O Come All Ye Faithful / Deck The Halls Claws      
244 Eartha Kitt Santa Baby Season's Greetings C   RIP
245 Elliot, Walter & Bennet The 12 Days Of A Pittsburgh Steelers Christmas 45"      
246 Yo La Tengo It's Christmas Time Merry Christmas From Yo La Tengo   R  
247 The Galaxies Christmas Eve Merry Christmas C    
248 Descendents Christmas Vacation I Don't Want To Grow Up      
249 The Little Places This Year We're Having Christmas On Your Birthday December C    
250 Tom Lehrer A Christmas Carol An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer   R  
251 Superchunk Night Of Chill Blue Working Holiday: December      
252 Dump Christmas Card 7"      
253 Augie Rios Ol' Fatso Cruddy Christmas C    
254 Scrawl 11:59 It's January Working Holiday: January      
255 The Law What Did Santa Claus Bring You For Christmas Cart      
256 Silkworm Merry Christmas The My Pal God Holiday Record C    
257 The Wailers The Christmas Song Merry Christmas C