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WPRBXmas Stories 2015

A lot of wonderful (and wonderfully creative people) have submitted original songs & stories to WPRBXmas over the years. Scroll down to learn more about these folks, listen to their contributions, and connect with them on social media & around the web.

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There's a lot of cool stuff here and we encourage you to explore it all!

Try as we might, we're not always able to track down info about past contributors. That means some entries are stumps . If you have any information about these "stumps" we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at elves @ marathon dot christmas.

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"Holiday In The Sun"
The Brixton Riot 02:24
Holiday In The Sun

Combining American and English influences, New Jersey’s The Brixton Riot fuses elements of 70’s power-pop and punk, 80’s jangle-rock and 90’s indie rock into a sound that is both familiar and distinct. The Replacements, Big Star and The Jam represent only a small fraction of their influences.

"A Can Of Simoniz"
B. Musikoff 03:25
A Can Of Simoniz

Brian Musikoff is a Chooch of Seattle (by way of NJ / NYC) who draws cartoons as needed and plays bass for a rock group named Stuyvesant.

"Silver Bells"
Modern Hut 03:21
Silver Bells

Playing “extreme loner folk” with a 2013 album on Don Giovanni Records titled Genetic Treasure, Modern Hut (for this recording) is Mr. Joe Steinhardt on the acoustic guitar. Enjoy the group’s third contribution to the marathon in as many years!

Joe Steinhardt: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

"Our Secret Santa"
King Mistletoe Jr. 02:45
Our Secret Santa

A last minute submission from King Mistletoe (just Steve and Jim), in the style of Beat Happening’s “Our Secret.”

"New Year"
Amanda X(mas) 01:20
New Year

Hailing from the Kensington area of Philadelphia (home to infamous gangs such as the Yos, Twerks and Fuzzies), Amanda X imperviously sallys forth, creating an oasis of bedroom pop and post-punk among a landscape of toxic speed, eroded enamel and chattering human skin suits. Their debut album was released by Siltbreeze in 2014 and a follow-up is tentatively slated for 2017.

"S.S. of the N.P."
Bill & Karlee Goffrier 04:15
South Side Of The North Pole

Bill Goffrier was in two of Jon's favorite purveyors of terminal plaid shirt rock, The Embarrassment and Big Dipper. He currently lives in Alaska with his wife Karlee.

"Evening's Sleigh Ride"
Cinchel 05:52
Evening's Sleigh Ride

Cinchel is a Chicago-based musician working with guitar, effects and laptop to create abstract ambient music that is both minimal and dense.

"Wenceslas of Sound"
B.V. Family Singers 01:45
Wenceslas of Sound

Beatrice, Toby and Blaise, with a grand piano and sundry virtual instruments, including a mellotron, give a holiday favorite a somewhat psych deconstruction.

From the non-existent album Winter Fuel, just over 90 seconds at 110 bpm in the key of A major.

Recorded and mixed on a phone.

"Little Andromeda Boy"
Aerialist 01:20
Little Andromeda Boy

Lary Hoffman began making music as Aerialist in 1997. Over the years the project morphed from bedroom electronic pop to synth-rock collaborations with drummers Stevie Treichel & Nikhil Ranade, to both analog and computer-based solo instrumental productions.

After a long hiatus, Lary has been steadily digitally self-releasing new Aerialist music since the fall of 2015.

Based in the DC area, Lary and his wife Erica own Virginia bars Galaxy Hut and Spacebar.

"S.C. Where Are You?"
K. B.'s Zigman Bird 03:02
Santa Clause Where Are You?
(Don't Leave Me Out)

Keith Beck’s Zigman Bird fearlessly switches between a full-piece rock’n’roll band and an exciting acoustic act, mixing catchy hooks, melodies and lyrics.

"Feliz Navidad"
J&E Hensley w/MH Doty 02:36
Feliz Navidad

This is indeed Josh and Emily from The Rutabega with Michael of Secret Souvenir calling Emily’s Mom on the phone to sing her a song.

"Xmas Dreams"
Christopher Williams 05:04
Where Christmas Dreams Come True

Christopher Williams is half of Glass Bees. The source of the original tape he built this piece around was recorded in a Kmart several decades ago.

This track's original source material (Kmart December 1990) can be heard here.

"Honda's Last Xmas"
Policymaker 04:32
Honda's Last Christmas

Michael T. Fournier is Policymaker. Mike is also the drummer/songwriter of Dead Trend, and the author of Double Nickels on the Dime (33.3 / Bloomsbury) and, most recently, Swing State (Three Rooms Press). He lives in Western Massachusetts.

"Yuletide Synths"
Saunders' S.H. Synths 02:23
Saunders' Swingin' Yuletide Synths

Mr. Bret Saunders is from Denver, Colorado where he hosts the KBCO Morning Show. He recorded this short version of a holiday classic using a Microbrute synth and a couple of electronic noise gadgets. The melody hangs in there pretty much to the end.

Bret Saunders: Microbrute synth, electronic noise gadgets.

"Wonderful Xmastime"
Neal Markowski 22:58
Wonderful Christmastime

Live. One take. No overdubs or anything else – just composer/musician/noise maker Neal Markowski in a room with the instruments. The ending is actually shorter than it should be, but as Markowski recorded this on his cassette 4-track, the tape kept bunching up for some reason towards the end, hence the “jarring” cuts in the solo drums.

"Buyers Beware"
Prowler 02:01
Buyers Beware

Philadelphia’s Prowler are no strangers to the WPRB studios, having visited the station thrice to play live on Jon Solomon’s weekly show. There are many different strains of their infectious, head-bobbin’ tunes for free download on their Bandcamp page. “Buyers Beware” is also found on their record Trash Bag.

"Coventry Carol
Edith Frost 03:41
Coventry Carol
(Arranged by James Dering)

Edith Frost can be found on her website and/or Twitter.

James Dering hosts the Better Piano podcast.

This is their third contribution to the marathon in as many years.

"Christmas Creep"
These Estates 03:03
Christmas Creep

Bourbon-driven young Canadian trio These Estates broke from their hiatus to record a holiday song for you. Their two albums Triumph, Reign and The Dignity of Man are both well worth your time.

The Gotobeds 02:31

Earlier this year Pittsburgh #clowns The Gotobeds released their second album (and first for Sub Pop) Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic. Boy is it terrific. If you like “smart-dude avant punk,” has Jon got a band for you!

"Xmas in Park Slope"
SAVAK 04:40
Christmas In Park Slope

SAVAK (pronounced "saw-vawk") was formed just last year by members of The Obits, Holy Fuck, Nation of Ulysses, and The Cops. Their acclaimed debut album Best of Luck in Future Endeavors is available on Bandcamp!

"Gone Home For Xmas"
Joel R.L. Phelps 09:20
Gone Home For Christmas

Vancouver’s Joel Phelps is a member of The Downer Trio and has also recently played with the group Dama/Libra. Joel is the only artist to record a “Christmas Story” for the show each of the last five years. Many demos and new recordings of his have been posted on Soundcloud, with the lion’s share of his studio output now available through Bandcamp.