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Ghosts of Marathons Past

WPRBXmas Stories 2016

A lot of wonderful (and wonderfully creative people) have submitted original songs & stories to WPRBXmas over the years. Scroll down to learn more about these folks, listen to their contributions, and connect with them on social media & around the web.

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There's a lot of cool stuff here and we encourage you to explore it all!

Try as we might, we're not always able to track down info about past contributors. That means some entries are stumps . If you have any information about these "stumps" we'd love to hear from you. Contact us at elves @ marathon dot christmas.

PLEASE NOTE: We're still in the process of auditing & updating all of the material in the site's archives! Not all past WPRBXmas submissions will feature linked icons & text.

"Financial Security"
Gregg Gethard 02:36
The Gift of Financial Security

“Financial Guru” Gregg Gethard is a financial expert and motivational speaker known for his exciting seminars hosted at chain banquet hotel rooms throughout this great country we call America!

"Pines Before Xmas"
John Trenton 05:08
The Pines Before Christmas

John Trenton, “The Poet of The Pine Barrens,” is a survivalist living in the South Jersey forests bringing his poetry to the people to save nature and become the official Poet Laureate of New Jersey.

He is currently wanted on several charges of trespassing by the FBI.

"A Christmas Raccoon"
Aunt F. & Samantha 05:09
A Christmas Raccoon

Performed by Betsy Herbert (more on her later) and Kristine Kennedy. The latter describes themselves as a non-award winning screenwriter, food photographer, and advertising agency noob. Please explore her #ultrashort story series on Instagram.

"Christmas Story"
Bela Koe-Krompecher 07:19
Christmas Story

Bela Koe-Krompecher has been running Anyway Records from Columbus since 1992, he also writes about his life on his blog. Bela also writes sporadically for various music websites and in 2014 published a comic book based on a story about the Ramones adapted from his blog (“Do You Remember Rock & Roll Record Stores?"), via Nix Comics.

He works as a social worker and addictions counselor.

"Christmas Story"
Jack Silbert 04:02
Christmas Story

Jack Silbert is a Hoboken, New Jersey-based author, music podcaster, and emcee.

Brushes with fame include going to school with Ethan Hawke (twice) and buying a drink for Julianne Moore.

"Op. Infinite Xmas"
R.F. Memorial Orchestra 07:30
Operation Infinite Xmas

The Ralph Firneno Memorial Orchestra was formed in March of 2000, shortly after the passing of Fr. Ralph “Up the Irish” Firneno, SAC.

Like most artifacts of the 1990s, the Orchestra’s work harkens back to a more innocent time, when Luna had just released Penthouse and nobody knew the decade was little more than an after-thought to the 20th century.

When they’re not listening to WPRB or regretting their decision to go to graduate school, the Orchestra’s members are busy editing This is Really Happening: A Journal of What The Fuck Studies.

"Happy Holidays"
Chip Chantry 00:47
Happy Holidays

Chip Chantry is a writer and comedian. He's also the host of the running podcast Junk Miles with Chip & Jeff.

"Xmas Incident Rep."
Franklin Bruno 11:22
Christmas Incident Report

Franklin Bruno grew up listening to his Dad’s original Christmas songs in Upland, California, and now lives in Jackson Heights, Queens. He has made music with Nothing Painted Blue, as a solo artist, and in collaboration with the Mountain Goats, Jenny Toomey, and Laura Cantrell. His current band is The Human Hearts: their last album, Another (Shrimper) came out in 2012, and a singles compilation and new album, recorded by Mitch Easter, are in the works. He’s also written a book about Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces in the 33 1/3 series, and a collection of poems (The Accordion Repertoire, Edge Books). When he goes home to the Inland Empire, he guest DJs on KSPC-FM, where he recorded this story.

"TV Talk Show Xmas"
Betsy Herbert 06:04
TV Talk Show Christmas

Betsy Herbert is also Lizbeth Herbert and so on. She is a writer of weirdities and weird ditties. Working on a novel. Adjunct Professin’ at Temple. Snaildartha rules!